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2006/02/10: PlasMapper
web-based plasmid drawing with auto-annotation [NAR vol. 32 (2004)]
2005/11/22: PubChem
provides information on the biological activities of small molecules
2005/05/14: DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals
2004/10/12: Nocardia farcinica IFM 10152 Genome Project Page
2003/04/07: Streptomyces avermitilis Genome Project Page
2002/11/29: Mycoplasma penetrans Genome Project Page
2002/07/12: ProteinProspector
search with peptide-mass fingerprinting data from MS
2002/07/09: LIPID BANK for Web
2002/01/29: GOLDTM: Genomes OnLine Database HomePage
better than TIGR
2001/05/11: The Human Genome
Science 16 Feb., 2001, Nature 15 Feb., 2001
2001/04/24: Genome sequences of S. aureus:
Mu50, N315
2000/08/18: Vibrio cholerae
2000/07/28: Phred/Phrap/Consed
the most famous base-caller/assembler/contig editor
2000/07/20: Celera
2000/07/17: NJplot - tree drawing prpgram [Mac|Win|Unix]
1999/11/29: Antibody Resource
1999/09/9: Novel Antibiotics DataBase (NADB)
Database of novel substances published in the Journal of Antibiotics
1999/08/30: DBCAT
The catalog of database.
1999/07/7: J. Antimicrob. Chemother.
1999/07/5: GeneCards
a database of human genes, their products and their involvement in diseases.
1999/06/2: Phylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood (PAML)
PowerMAC, Windows 95/NT and UNIX
1999/05/20: pDRAW32
A plasmid drawing tool.
1999/05/6: Art's Biotech Resource
1999/05/1: BioTech's Life Science Dictionary
1999/04/30: The On-line Medical Dictionary
1999/04/15: Trends online
1999/04/8: Emerging Infectious Diseases
a peer-reviewed journal published by the Natl. Center for Infectious Diseases
1999/03/30: DiAlign
multiple alignment software without gap penalties
1999/02/15: PubCrawler
a PubMed robot.
1999/01/19: UnCover
search article titles among over 17,000 journals.
1999/01/17: KiloAce
fragment size estimation tool for agarose electrophoresis.
1998/12/21: Journal of Antibiotics
1998/12/15: C. elegans
C. elegans genome sequencing has been finished.
1998/11/12: ABRF DNA Sequence Research Committee Report
1998/11/4: TargetFinder
searches for candidate target genes of DNA-binding proteins. (TATA element, the transcription start site, the promoter and so on)
1998/09/29: Blood
1998/09/10: FEBS Letters
free for subscribers of the printed edition
1998/09/10: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
free for subscribers of the printed edition
1998/07/6: Staphylococcus aureus
Staphylococcus aureus NCTC 8325 genome sequencing at the University of Oklahoma's Advanced Center for Genome Technology (ACGT)
1998/06/4: BioToolKit
The BioToolKit locates online molecular biology research tools for the analysis of nucleic acid and protein sequences, genome structure, and biomacromolecular structure and function.
1998/05/28: Oracio'n Medical Viewer
A medical viewer supports DICOM and Papyrus.
1998/05/26: LINK Alert
You can get the TOC of the Springer journals via e-mail.
1998/05/12: Fixed links for ASM journals
1998/03/20: Amersham Pharmacia Biotech
1998/03/2: PCR Jump Station
The ultimate Web page for information and links on all aspects of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
1998/02/2: GeneHacker
a system for gene structure prediction in microbial genomes using HMM (Hidden Markov Model).
1998/01/27: DDBJ/GenBank Daily Updates
List of the latest data of DDBJ and/or GenBank.
1998/01/16: NIST Chemistry WebBook
provides users with easy access to chemical and physical property data for chemical species through the internet.
1998/01/16: GINC (Global Information Network on Chemicals) Database Serach
The GINC is a world wide information network for safe use of chemicals. You can search the integrated chemical databases.
1997/12/22: GENSCAN
a program designed to predict complete gene structures, including exons, introns, promoter and poly-adenylation signals, in genomic sequences.
1997/11/5: WWWebstar
Online Webstar dictionary
1997/10/24: Protein Kinase Resource (PKR)
a web accessible compendium on protein kinases [Mirror]
1997/09/24: QIAGEN Inc.
1997/09/12: Seikagaku America, Inc.
1997/08/26: Merck Manual
1997/06/24: SIGSCAN
Find and list homologies of published signal sequences with the input DNA sequence
1997/06/24: PROSCAN
Predicts Promoter regions based on scoring homologies with putative eukaryotic Pol II promoter sequences.
1997/06/18: ChemFinder
1997/06/2: NCBI Taxonomy
contains the names of all organisms that are represented in the genetic databases with at least one nucleotide or protein sequence.
1997/05/14: Plasmid Processor
a simple tool for plasmid presentation
1997/03/21: PDQ
NCI's Physician Data Query database
1997/02/13: PHYLIP Documents
"HTMLized" PHYLIP v.3.57c documents.
1997/02/5: E. coli WWW Home Page [Java]
1997/01/30: Chromas
a Windows application which displays and prints chromatogram files from ABI automated DNA sequencers, and Staden SCF files which the analysis programs for ALF and Li-Cor sequencers can create.
1997/01/29: JaMBW
Java based Molecular Biologist's Workbench :-)
1997/01/29: Java Ribosome
[Java] based DNA -> Protein translator.
1997/01/29: Codon Table
1997/01/20: MGDB
Mycoplasma genitalium Genome Database
1997/01/20: Journal of Experimental Medicine

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