Novel Antibiotics DataBase

Last modified: Thu May 22 17:51:42 JST 2008

This resource is the full text searchable index of the Novel Antibiotics DataBase, which has been developed by and kindly provided from Japan Antibiotics Research Association. The database contains substances which have been first reported in the Journal of Antibiotics.

NOTICE: Those who wish to use this database for any commercial purpose should have approval from the managing editor of the Journal of Antibiotics.

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This search system is case insensitive. You can use asterisk character at the end of the word to do forward match search, for instance: "anti*" or "*statin" or "*omyc*

Separating keywords by spaces is automatically assumed to be AND-search that is to find only documents containing all of the specified keywords.

This search system has boolean operators '&', '!', '|'. In place of symbols, the word "and", "or", "not", are also accepted. Each operator must be separated by space. For exapmle (both expressions is same meaning):

This sample finds the files which contain "antibacterial" or "antifungal", and no "streptomyces", but include "fungi".

You can use nested parenthesises expression for advanced search.

By surronding words with double quotation mark '"' or curly brace '{' '}', Namazu would recognize it as phrase but it is not perfect precision, so it cause wrong hit occasionally. For exapmle (both expressions is same meaning):

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